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Thermal transfer ribbons

For a product completeness logic, STAF offers to his customers a complete range of ribbons for thermal transfer printing. STAF’s range consists of a wax-based ribbon that can be easily used with most printers on the market. A complete series of coloured ribbons is available.

STAF supplies top quality thermal transfer ribbons. The foils or ribbons produced by STAF are:

  • in resin: they are suitable for printing on plastic or similar materials;
  • in wax: particularly suitable for printing on paper materials and when high durability is not required;
  • in wax resin: the use of such kind of ribbons is suitable for printings on plasticized or coated paper and for synthetic materials; its special composition makes it particularly resistant.

For demands of higher resistance on different kind of papers, STAF can also supply ribbons with different percentages of wax content.