Adhesive labels supply

Production of labels in reels and loose sheets

Personalized labels on request with heat gold finishing, embossing,
varnishing, bright and matt plastic-coating.

Labels supply

Labels in reels and loose sheetsproduzione etichette STAF

STAF owns different machines which operational flexibility allow it to produce also small quantities with different printing techniques: flessographic, thermal transfer, inkjet, laser.

The labels and tags for packaging and for other applications are personalized upon request with heat gold finishing, embossing, varnishing, bright and matt plastic-coating.

Adhesive labels in reels

Adhesive labels in reels The supply in reels is indispensable for every automatic system of application, as well as for computerized processes of control and quantification of the products.

For these and others requirements, we produce labels in reels of every kind: neutral or printed on different materials.

Self-adhesive labels in loose sheets

Self-adhesive labels in simple sheet of multiples per sheet. The materials are different since the application fields are different: silkscreen printed adhesive labels manufactured in PVC, white, coloured or transparent, for a long-lasting resistance, also for external use.

Or self-adhesive labels in paper, in polyester, synthetic or metallized or iridescent or prismatic materials, punched or shaped of every form or size.

Fanfold labels

Fanfold labelsThe fanfold labels are produced and supplied in packets, both neutral (not printed) and printed, in sizes ranging from 5" to 17" according to the requirements of the customer.

Upon request through the form or also by contacting us on +39 0523 781888, in order to check the possibility of production according to the technical and mechanical requirements of our machines, it is possible to carry out a perforation between on label and the other (in order to facilitate the removal) or a middle cut in the frontal (in order to peel only a part of the label) or a total perforation.

Labels in reels for portable printers

Labels in reels for portable printersThe labels for portable printers are produced and supplied in reels, with internal diameter ranging from 25 mm to 76 mm (depending on the chuck of the customer’s printer), while the external diameters are generally given by the technical characteristics of the printer or are communicated at the order by the customer.

We can produce side by side labels with different tracks (namely more labels horizontally); moreover we produce reels with specific requirements for portable printers (25-50/55 mm).

Fanfold labels for IBM holes

In order to check the sizes that can be produced please send a request with all information concerning the label you need, or call us on +39 0523 781888 in order to contact a commercial manager.