Labels for packaging

Labels production for industrial packaging

Adhesive, neutral, white or coloured labels in reels, in folds or sheets

Labels for packaging

Neutral labels for product identification

The labels can be supplied: neutral and self-adhesive, neutral, white or coloured, in reels, in folds or in sheets. They are suitable for the product identification. The barcodes can be over-printed by thermal transfer, inkjet and laser.

Labels for pharmaceutical and health industry

Labels for pharmaceutical and health industry Adhesive labels for pharmaceutical industry: drips and phials, optical bollino. Labels signalling danger for the following fields: health, chemical and industrial. They can be supplied in reels, folds and sheets provided with all conformity characteristics according to the different European norms.

Non-adhesive paperboard tags

Non-adhesive paperboard tagsTags in every size, in roll or in fanfold, suitable for every activity field. Non-adhesive paperboard tags of different weights: normal, thermal or in synthetic material, in reels, folds, sheets for every kind of use, from clothing to the mechanical industry, from distribution to floriculture.

Industrial labels for packaging

Self-adhesive labels for packaging in reels and in sheets colour printed with possible heat gold finishing, bright and matt varnishing, plastic-coating, punching, embossed punching. They are studied and manufactured in order to enhance the products of the different fields: from foods to cosmetics, from mechanical to chemical.

Labels for wine

Labels for wineSelf-adhesive labels in reels for all kinds of wine and liquor bottles printed up to six colours on special papers with the possibility to have heat gold finishing, bright and matt varnishing, embossing, punching, embossed punching. Moreover it is possible to have a further personalization with progressive numerations. Our labels are easy to apply also on humid surfaces and grant a strong adherence.

Tamper-proof labels

All the materials of the range can be applied. In order to face and resolve the problem of the manipulation and violation of the products, the tamper-proof labels adhere to the product definitively and cannot be repositioned.

Printing of variable data: labels for inventory

Printing of variable data: labels for inventoryThe “variable data” range has been created and developed by STAF in order to face, through digital printing, the increasing demands of a large quantity of customers who needed to have someone able to print any kind of data on adhesive labels with the most different frontals (thermal, paper, synthetic).

STAF is able to print labels for sample collections which, even if they don’t consist of big quantities, they present a great number of variables. Labels for inventories can be carried out on specific tamper-proof materials.

We can supply labels with any kind of numeration with control suffix or particular formula for the secrecy of the information.