Adhesive labels for packaging

STAF produces labels for packaging

The label is the product’s identity card: it is the image that makes it recognizable to the buyer, that strikes him and captures his interest, that convinces him or dissuades him from buying.

Therefore, the label is fundamental from a market point of view, and consequently the design of the label must be carried out with the utmost care, according to precise studies, analysing market trends and the potential users of the product and its packaging.

STAF produces labels for packaging, for each type of product, scrupulously following the graphic needs of the product to be labelled, the sector and category of the product, the conditions under which the label will be displayed, trying to advise the customer and assist him in choosing the right type of label to imprint on his product.

Packaging labels: personalised graphics

The quality of the label’s graphics is essential in the advertising of the product itself, the use of high quality materials in all stages of packaging labelling, ensures exceptional visibility of the product and increases its commercial credibility.

STAF supplies high quality labels, adhesive and self-adhesive in reels or folds, etc., with the help of the most modern design and production techniques, in order to satisfy the real needs of the customer.

Labels for packaging: industry, food, pharmaceutical

The high specialization and many years of experience of the staff of STAF, the high technology equipment allow a fast production of labels of excellent quality, suitable for any type of product, whether the final destination is commercial, industrial or any other sector.

Each product is also checked once the production cycle is over to ensure that there are no errors or damages and that the printing is perfect as in the company standards.

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