Labels for inventories

Inventory labels: indelible, durable, numbered

Cataloguing and making inventories is a job that requires precision and high quality supporting materials: among these there are certainly the plates and labels that bear the indication of the serial number and the main information related to the object and the category to which it belongs.

STAF provides labels suitable for any type of cataloguing and inventory, suitable for any commercial need, public or private bodies, companies, offices, etc. …, scrupulously following the rules for the correct procedure, and ensuring the highest quality of the product.

Labels with progressive numbering and company name

Inventory labels designed and produced by STAF’s specialised personnel can be customised in terms of composition material (aluminium polyester, plasticized, labels produced with laser technology, etc.), application method (adhesive or self-adhesive labels) and information, colour or shape according to the customer’s requirements.

The labels can in fact bear not only the progressive numbering, or the area within which it can be marked after cataloguing, but also information about the body or entity in question, such as the company name and other information.

Production of labels for cataloguing

STAF, thanks to its many years of experience in the production of labels for inventories, guarantees the permanence of adhesion on the product and the print quality that is preserved through treatments such as lamination that allow to keep intact from printing on the label even after long periods of time and exposure to adverse weather conditions or deteriorating materials.

For special requirements, STAF offers labels for inventories produced with laser technology that guarantee extreme durability even in adverse conditions, both in terms of adhesion to the product and in terms of printed information.

STAF staff is available for any doubt and is available to recommend the right inventory label for each category of customer.

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