Personalised labels

Custom label printing

STAF has a fleet of machines whose versatility allows it to produce even short runs with various printing techniques: flexographic, thermal transfer, ink-jet, laser.

Labels and tags dedicated to packaging and other applications are customized, if necessary, with hot gold finishes, embossing, painting, glossy and matt lamination.

The reel mounting is essential for all automatic systems of application, as well as for the computerized processes of control and quantification of the products.

For these and other needs, we produce labels on reels of all types: neutral or printed, on many types of materials.

Self-adhesive labels with loose sheets

Self-adhesive labels in single or multiple sheets per sheet. There are many materials, because there are many fields of application: self-adhesive labels in paper, polyester, or synthetic or metallic materials, iridescent or prismatic, die-cut or shaped of any shape and size.

Folding labels (Fan-fold)

The fanfold folded labels are produced and prepared in packs, both neutral (unprinted) and printed, with overall dimensions that can vary from 5″ to 17″ depending on the requirements of the customer.

It is possible, upon request on 0523 78 18 88 to verify the actual feasibility according to the technical and mechanical requirements of our machines, to insert a perforation between one label and another (to facilitate the removal) or a half cut on the front (to be able to peel only a part of the label) or a total perforation.

Labels in reels for portable printers

Labels for portable printers are produced in roll form, with internal diameters ranging from 25 mm to 76 mm (depending on the spindle mounted on the customer’s printer), while the external diameters are generally dictated by the technical characteristics of the printer or are communicated at the time of order by the customer.

Labels can be produced side by side with several tracks (i.e. more labels on the horizontal plane); we also produce reels with specific fittings for portable printers (fittings 25-50/55 mm and 25-65 mm, reels containing a minimum of 7 meters of processed material).

Labels with fold for IBM holes

For more certainty on the types of formats that can be produced, it is advisable to send a request containing all the information relevant to the production of the label, or to contact a sales representative directly on 0523 78 18 88.

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