About Us

STAF was founded in 1994 with the main aim to follow, under a high specialization viewpoint, the special field of the production of self-adhesive labels for packaging and for such kind of activities that require a personalization through different printing techniques: thermal transfer, inkjet, laser.

The equipment of STAF is based on rotary punching machines systems with flessographic printing equipped with servants for the continuous cycle production of labels in reels, fanfold, with or without IBM holes and in loose sheets.

STAF, in close contact with the main companies manufacturing adhesive materials and through its business relations with the main thermal printers producers, puts at the disposal of its customers all its experience in order to solve any kind of problems relevant to usable materials with specific researches of frontals and particular glues depending on the surfaces of application.

Production of industrial labels for packaging
Besides the more traditional uses, STAF is therefore able to produce labels with tamper-proof material, synthetic material, all the range of thermal materials, as well as all of the most particular materials that are proposed by the main domestic and foreign paper mills.

All the raw materials and the finished products are tested with heat over-print, laser and inkjet systems, in order to grant always the best quality.

Our punching machines nowadays produce more that 3500 different sizes, which are constantly increased by the continuously growing requests of our customers.