Labels for the hospital sector, labels for sterilization with color change

Rfid tags labels

Labels and tags with RFID, UHF and HF TAG for product traceability.

3M labels

3M labels for excellent performance and super resistant

Labels with IBM holes

Labels with IBM holes available. Continuous form labels with drag hole

Anti-shoplifting and security labels

Burglar-proof labels for maximum security

Food grave adhesive labels

Adhesive, self-adhesive labels for application on any type of food product packaging

About us

STAF was founded in 1994 with the main aim to follow, under a high specialization viewpoint, the special field of the production of self-adhesive labels for packaging and for such kind of activities that require a personalization through different printing techniques: thermal transfer, inkjet, laser. The equipment of STAF is based on rotary punching machines systems with flessographic printing equipped with servants for the continuous cycle production of labels in reels, fanfold, with or without IBM holes and in loose sheets.