Food grave adhesive labels

Production of labels for food packaging

The production of labels for the packaging of food products requires a series of measures, imposed by the product on which they are applied, and especially by national and European legislation.

STAF, is a leader in the production of adhesive labels, self-adhesive labels, reels, laser labels and barcode labels, for application on any type of packaging of food product.

The choice of material, type of treatment, fonts, colours and varnishes to be used in the production of labels for food products, must be assessed on the basis of the product contained in the packaging to be labelled, the preservation of the product and the conditions to which the label will be exposed once applied, as well as of course the image of the company and the product.

STAF, uses the best materials, the most resistant paints, the latest generation printing techniques, to offer labels for packaging of food products resistant and absolutely conform to every customer need.

Labels for the food sector

In particular, STAF offers different solutions for each type of food label.

Depending on the product STAF offers, among other solutions:

  • production of labels for anti-humid and anti-mildew food packaging: ideal for food products stored in damp places, or exposed to condensation, or cold rooms
  • production of labels for food packaging in waterproof materials, with paints resistant to water and humidity
  • production of labels for oil-free food packaging: the composition of which and the paints applied, remain unchanged when in contact with oil or oily materials

All these measures are necessary to ensure that the information contained on the label, i.e. product name, logo and/or company data, nutritional values, product recognition, geographical origin and all other information contained on the label of the food packaging, withstand particular conditions and external stresses.

Many food products such as frozen foods, milk, yoghurt and the like, are stored in damp and cold places, while others are exposed to long periods of sunshine, the label of the food packaging, for this reason, must be produced in such a way as to:

  • remain completely adherent to the product in all conditions
  • be legible in all its data, even after long periods of exposure to extreme conditions.

The label is the identity card of the product, entrusted to professionals.

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