Neutral labels

Neutral labels for product identification

STAF supplies all types of labels, including neutral labels for product identification, available in any quantity and in many different sizes.

Neutral adhesive or self-adhesive labels are particularly suitable where there is a need to identify products, catalogue goods or simply leave notes.

Neutral labels can also be used both to print information and then use it in thermal transfer printers and for cataloguing and handwriting information.

STAF produces neutral labels on both white and coloured paper, as well as in special variants such as metallic polyester, white and thermal papers.

The use of this type of label is particularly indicated in the packaging phase, and in all office activities where it is necessary to have adhesive labels to be used to write useful information or to identify products.

STAF supplies neutral labels both in reels and folds and they can be produced both in large quantities and in small quantities, and they can be customized according to the customer’s needs and the function they will have.

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