3M tamper evident labels

Labels with anti-theft technology

The safety of products on the market, of our goods or documents, of materials packaged for transport purposes must always be guaranteed.

Very often, however, the integrity of these products is violated and the content taken away or damaged.

Sealing this type of product effectively, preventing burglary or making sure to detect with absolute certainty any tampering becomes an essential requirement.

3M adhesive labels

STAF offers a series of anti-burglary seals, labels and tapes with 3M technology, which allow not only to perfectly seal the package or the packaging, but also to guarantee the absolute certainty of detection of any attempt to break in or tamper with the package.

The structure of these labels, in fact, is conceived and designed according to safety standards, guaranteeing high adhesion and a system of highlighting in the event of breakage of the seal.

In the event of attempted break-in or tampering, the upper layer, which is generally transparent, is very easily removed, while leaving the lower layer intact, which makes the print more evident by detecting the attempted breakage of the seal.

Anti-burglary tapes

The technologies used by STAF for the production of anti-burglary labels, seals and tapes also allow the insertion of security holograms and codes on labels, the production of labels of all shapes and sizes, and the printing of special labels in order to customize this type of label according to the needs of the customer.

The absolute certainty of safe materials is a guarantee of credibility for every company or business, for this reason STAF offers its many years of experience in the field of label production, to ensure the immunity of the products and the satisfaction of its customers.

3M Tamper Evident Labels