Wine labels

Production of wine labels

Creating labels for wine means creating the identity of the wine itself. Like every product, and perhaps more so than other products on the market, wine needs to be recognisable, and through the label it reaches the purchaser.

The colours, the main information about the year of production, the land of birth and the quality of the wine itself, are present on the label and are essential for this type of product, which makes the image, as well as its own quality, its trump card on the market.

STAF produces adhesive labels for wine, and guarantees the high quality of the materials used.

Adhesive labels for bottled wine

Thanks to modern equipment, the wine labels produced by STAF can boast sharp characters and lively colours, decorating the bottle in an absolutely exemplary way.

The use of special papers, the latest technologies allow STAF to provide an absolutely unique product, designed carefully following the needs of the customer who will decide the type of paper, finishes, fonts and decorations, to make the wine product absolutely recognizable and unique in its category.

Wine labels: gold or plastic coated finish

Operations such as gold finishing, painting, lamination, are just some of the methods used by STAF in the design and production of wine labels.

The adhesive or self-adhesive labels can be applied both with the classic method of glue and water and with the innovative technologies in reel and automatic application that STAF has.

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